Insurance and Reinsurance

In Muñoz Arribas Abogados we specialize in providing comprehensive advice on insurance and reinsurance to local and international companies.

Insurance and Reinsurance Lawyers

Our firm has more than 45 years of experience in the sector, which endorses and differentiates us, making us one of the most specialized players in the Spanish insurance market.

Some of our services are:

Legal defence of the insurer and the insured

Claims handling
Adaptation to the regulatory framework of foreign policies

Claims auditing

Tender documentation for public tenders

Claims management / TPA

Advice on the configuration of insurance products

Run-off management

Drafting of terms and conditions. Revision of terms and conditions and updating due to regulatory and/or jurisprudential changes. Ex profeso creation of policies

Drafting of mandate contracts and underwriting agency-underwriting agency operating contracts

Advice on new legislation and/or jurisprudence

Advice on expert proceedings and actions to challenge expert reports

Advice on relations with the regulator

Advice on distribution strategies

Corporate legal advice to policyholders and companies on insurance and reinsurance matters

At Muñoz Arribas we offer a comprehensive service in insurance and reinsurance matters, covering high added value aspects such as audits, foreign policies, run off, tendering for public tenders and claims management /TPA, among other matters.

Our team is distinguished by its in-depth knowledge of the insurance sector, the result of years of experience working with leading companies in different situations, which has given us a broad understanding of the solutions needed in this field.

The exclusive specialisation in Insurance and Reinsurance, coupled with the firm’s outstanding capabilities in areas relevant to the sector, such as tax, labour, data protection, criminal risk prevention, infrastructure, competition, among others, make our team a solid and complete multidisciplinary solution for companies that need solutions in the field of Insurance Law.

Rely on our expert lawyers for insurance and reinsurance management

How can Muñoz Arribas Abogados help your company or insurance company?

Our team will be of great help to any national or international company that requires the strategic advice of lawyers specialised in the insurance sector:

  • Specialized legal advice: our professionals provide specialised legal advice in all areas related to the insurance sector, such as the drafting and review of policies in all areas related to the insurance sector, such as policy drafting and review, reinsurance contracts and regulatory compliance.

  • Litigation management: in the event of litigation or claims, we represent the company in court and effectively resolve disputes resolve disputes effectively, protecting the company’s interests.

  • Risk analysis: we help to identify and assess the legal risks associated with each company’s operations, offering strategies to minimise the risks.

  • Dispute resolution: in situations of conflict between the company and its clients, our professionals can mediate and negotiate agreements that satisfy both parties, avoiding costly litigation and protecting the company’s reputation.

The typical procedure involves an initial consultation where the company’s needs and objectives are discussed. Throughout the process, our team maintains open and transparent communication, providing regular updates and ongoing advice. In short, an expert insurance law team can help a company navigate the complex legal landscape of the industry, protecting its interests and ensuring its regulatory compliance.


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